Brian Emerich has worked in many of the Caribbean Islands, Europe and many of the States within the United States. His work experience includes residential, commercial and industrial projects. Early in his career as Associates Director of Facilities & Construction for the University of Alaska he gained a practical perspective of government agencies that provided a foundation of working relationship that continue to this day. That employment included designing various facilities and master plans for several campuses. Furthermore, work included statewide representation of the University's funding requests along with special projects such as Life Cycle Costing and Handicap Access Design. He then started his own firm representing both private and governmental clients.


Throughout his career, he has been the Architect supervising a broad range of projects.These consist of historical restorations, resorts, high-rise structures to multi-functional groups of buildings. The scope and values of the projects range from modest dollar improvements to greater than one hundred million dollar projects. He has won a number of design awards and his work and ideas have been exhibited in a variety of publications.

Environmental and Energy conservation has always played a major factor in the design of his projects, and this in turn is reflected in the overall success of the projects. Energy related projects now play a major part in today's construction processes, with twenty-two years experience in the field he brings to all projects an abundance of knowledge on energy related information and technologies.
Brian is currently licensed by the US & VI Departments of Energy as an Energy Auditor and Technical Assistant and with US & VI HUD as an estimator and project inspector. A special interest in natural resources and energy conservation has lead to some very interesting and challenging projects including marine laboratories, fish hatcheries and museums. He won an award for a Waste Water Recovery System designed for disposal of residential wastewater. He takes a personal interest in all of his projects. He believes that careful control of project schedules and costs are a key aspect of maximizing the overall success of the project. Quality control, both in the office and in the field, is maintained by his continuing personal involvement. He has managed extensive work on hurricane reconstruction projects.

A diversified and in-depth background in both architecture and construction, combined with new technologies has allowed Brian to form of an office capable of handling major projects within short time constraints and within affordable budgets. His requirement for dependable documentation and current databases has been important in the development and execution of projects. The Firm's application of state of the art computer programs allows the Architect and the owner to maintain accurate records. The additional use of "3D" computer generated modeling, allows clients to see first hand what their project looks like before construction documentation has even begun.
As senior architect in other firms over the years, Brian Emerich had overall office management responsibilities, including direct responsibility on projects. He was responsible for the computerization of the design side of the firm and played a major role in the initial office automation. He developed office standards and a quality control review processes. After Hurricane Hugo he was Program Coordinator for the emergency rebuilding of area wide public schools. Work has included Residential, Commercial, Remodeling, Feasibility Studies and Unique Projects. The work has taken place in the West Indies, Alaska, England, Spain and United States. He is also very involved in Energy Conservation and related fields. The Company has a division for Construction Management, Interior Design, and Furnishings.

He takes a personal interest in every project to assure the highest quality, the latest in design, and technology are a part of the project. He has many recognitions and awards in the design industry. His personal efforts in community have made him a highly respected member of the Virgin Island Society.